A downloadable Triangle mess maker. for Windows

Your anger spreaded on a application.

You wanted to make a mess, but don't want to make your house turn jumbo.

Or just wanted a game you could spread your anger on.

Or just wanted to have entertainment/ wanted to have entertainment with triangles.

Then this is right for you.

You rmouse makes the triangle lengthy (if your mouse is on the bottom right, then the triangle will stretch out and go there) + New triangles every time your mouse moves + If mouse clicked = Black triangle.

This is just a test project for java/ processing.



mess of triangles 32-bit.zip 4 MB
mess of triangles 64-bit ( java included, cause 32 bit doesn't have java).zip 77 MB

Install instructions


The 32-bit doesn't have java. So you have to download java.

The 64 bit has java, so you could roam freely and not waste any time downloading java.


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so that is messy